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Illustration “Warm up session” #4

This is day 4 of a series that I call “warm up” digital collage sessions. Every day for a week, I use about 30 minutes to freely create an illustration without a goal more than “warming up” for the work day. This is not a tutorial. I just comment what I am doing.

When our days get full of calls, emails and even work that you are not 100% happy of making, we tend to forget the reason why we started with our craft. The moments of joy of making art, illustration or even designed are the ones that get neglected the most, that is why I started this series. I wanted to remind my inner creative kid was still in me. It is a lot of fun and makes me start the day in a fun free way.

If you are interested in learning more about my process, the tools that I use and how to make digital collage, you can take one of my Skillshare courses. If you don’t have a Skillshare account, you can create one for free for 2 months (just remember to cancel it before the trial period). It is similar to Netflix, once you register you can watch as many classes as you want, not just mines.

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