Mega useful tool for digital collage in Photoshop

There are many many different tools in Photoshop and everyone uses them differently. I find it super entertaining to watch another designer / illustrator using photoshop because I always find tricks or differences in the workflow.

This is one of the tools that make people go “woooow” in my digital collage workshops.

It is the puppet warp tool, I love it! It turns your image into a grid where you can stick pins and then drag them. This is specially useful for making images “fit” together. I use it a lot to generate structures with branches. For example here:

The tool is quite simple but very powerful. You have your image, go to Edit / Puppet Warp tool and you will see a grid on top of your image. By clicking you place pins that you can after drag to change the shape of your image. Once you are done, just press enter.

Remember to be subte, Photoshop is intelligent but if you go crazy on it, then it can destroy your images.
Using the puppet warp tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
  1. Hello Marcos,

    Thanks for the tip! I like your Skillshare class, hopefully more to come 🙂

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