Travelling with digital collage

I sometimes have to stop and think of how crazy it is that I am in the middle of a cold snowy city getting ready to give a workshop. I remember where I come from and I have to smile. I guess that being far away from where I grew up fuels me to do it.
So far this project has taken me to Poland, Germany, Barcelona, Norway and of course Argentina.

The big challenge was to transition from thinking about my workflow in Spanish to English. Fortunately I have been using Photoshop in English for the last 10 years so that made things easier. Tip: no matter where you are from, use Photoshop in English. It will save you so much time when you are looking for tutorials.

It’s nice to get to know people from other cultures but I have to say that what surprised me at first was that most of the people who went to my workshops weren’t from the country where it was taking place. Which was even nicer because I got to know even more cultures. Many times there is a South American present which allows me to drop some Spanish words every once and then. Actually, in the last workshop, 6 of 13 were Spanish speaking students. Crazy. 

But to make things real, Not everything is so perfect as it sounds. There are super early trains, not so comfortable Airbnb beds, Wifi quests and clients that want a file exactly when you are about to get into a 6 hour train ride where you know that you won’t be able to upload anything bigger than 5 mb. 

Still, I need to stop and be grateful.

Smile to a cloud,

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Marcos Morales is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently living in Heidelberg, Germany. Around ten years ago he started to make digital collages as he knew that his drawings skills weren't strong enough. Nowadays, most of his work is based between a mix of collage and digital illustrations.