Published my own little book

Yes, sounds crazy (at least to me) but its done. For a long time I felt like making a compilation of my work and showing a little bit of the background thinking that goes with it. So I decided to give it a try and make a 86 pages book that contains many of the collages / illustrations that I have been making since 2007. The link between them is just the concept “love” which has been a muse for my work since the beginning .

Its one of those projects that are kept in the drawer only because it could “always be better”, so I decided to just do it, send an initial print and gift it to some of my best friends and family. I am thinking of making a second edition during 2020 and adjust all those details that a perfectionist graphic designer can complain about.

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Marcos Morales is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently living in Heidelberg, Germany. Around ten years ago he started to make digital collages as he knew that his drawings skills weren't strong enough. Nowadays, most of his work is based between a mix of collage and digital illustrations.

  1. Just recently went through your tutorials on Udemy. Am a graphic and web designer but since more recently and more interested in collage, since I saw awesome moti0n graphics works which are based on collage design. Your work is so inspiring. Am learning many things. The book looks fab.

    Thanks so much!

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