About Me

Hey, the about me part…how hard is to describe yourself in a couple of words. Ok, I am Marcos Morales, originally from Argentina and now living in Heidelberg Germany. I have a masters in Graphic design and a huge love for digital collage, maybe that’s why you reached this page.

Digital collage was a tool that allowed me to jump the “I can’t draw” stage and start believing that I could actually make art. With time I translated that into illustration which is what I do nowadays. I was fortunate to work with brands like National Geographic, History Channel and Power Rangers. Yes, Power Rangers, they were my heroes when I was a kid.

In this blog, I share parts of my path in the digital collage illustration world.

I also have some online classes and teach workshops in different cities in Europe. I don’t see teaching as work and that’s why I do it. If it wasn’t the case I would probably pursue another passion.

I disguise my travels as a teacher and I teach disguised as a traveler.

These are some links that will help you know more about me:

Illustration work
Design work
Online classes

if you want to say hi, here.

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